Benzinga Conference Offers New Platform for Schaeffer’s Investment Research

Schaeffer's Investment Research

March 7, 2021

Benzinga Conference Offers New Platform for Schaeffer's Investment Research

The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference will be featuring leaders from many industries including one of the industry’s top investment research firms, Schaeffer’s Investment Research.

Schaeffer’s Investment Research, one of the industry’s leading investment firms, recently announced that it would be presenting at the upcoming Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference. The only thing arguably hotter than this ticket, which is free by the way, is the topic – the Cannabis market.

Schaeffer’s Investment Research will use this as not only a forum as a teachable moment for their investors and clients but also as an opportunity. This late February event couldn’t be more timely either, as the most recent projections for this booming market are lucrative and growing. That is also the wheelhouse for Schaeffer’s team, and that is where those aforementioned opportunities arise.

Schaffer’s Investment Research is built on the ability, using proprietary methods, to accurately determine key factors like the direction of a stock or market movements. Now, it is time for those skills and that leadership to take center stage.

Schaeffer’s Investment Research Views Conference as an Opportunity to Teach, Guide, and Lead

At Benzinga’s Cannabis Capital Conference, to be held virtually, participants will have the opportunity to connect, network, and share thoughts, ideas, and insights into this thriving new market. And who better to help guide, lead, and help people get the most out of these rare opportunities than Schaeffer’s Investment Research?

The conference itself will offer live presentations via interactive forums and feature serious investors, leading CEOs, and frontrunners within the cannabis space. This is also just another example of how Schaeffer’s Investment Research is there for their clients =literally, figuratively, and in this case, virtually too.

It has been four decades now that Schaeffer’s has been helping clients navigate the often volatile waters of the market. From their beginning in 1981, they have led with innovative ideas like that proprietary forecasting method (Expectational Analysis(R)) and strategic excellence. The results have been a history of consistency, reliability, and success in the market.

Leading this top Investment Research firm is Bernie Schaeffer, who also is an Options guru while heading the SIR team. To say the future has never been more green might be more accurate than it is funny, but if past indicators are any predictor, it also couldn’t be more true for Schaeffer’s Investment Research.