Schaeffer’s Investment Research Review Experts Discuss 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Trading Options

Schaeffer's Investment Research

November 5, 2020

Schaeffer's Investment Research Review

Schaeffer’s Investment Research Review experts discuss 10 mistakes to avoid when trading options.

Mistakes are inevitable when navigating the stock market. However, understanding mistakes that can potentially occur can help you prevent them and experience more success when trading. The experts at Schaeffer’s Investment Research Review recently discussed 10 mistakes to avoid when trading options.

The first potential mistake outlined by Schaeffer’s Investment Research Review is the misallocation of capital. They explained that the money you commit to trading options should be less than what you commit to trading with stocks. This is because, while there is a chance to see 100%, 200%, 300%, or more in gains when trading options, there is also a possibility you could lose all that you’ve invested.

Schaeffer’s Investment Research Review traders added that a high win-rate does not always mean profit. They explained that those with high win-rates when trading options tend to achieve profits quickly and hold onto losing trades, which can result in disaster. Another mistake they emphasized should be avoided is not diversifying your options trading portfolio. Diversifying strategies helps combat unknowns in varying market environments.

The experts at Schaeffer’s Investment Research Review explain that many mistakes result from a lack of discipline. This can be in the form of taking short cuts and ignoring common guidelines. Successful options traders have an average win that is higher than the average loss, and they know when to cut losses. Schaeffer’s Investment Research Review experts added that options traders should always be open to signals or clues that point you in a certain direction. Ignoring such signals will give others a competitive edge.

The Schaeffer’s Investment Research Review team stated that traders who want action all the time will be less likely to succeed when trading options. Options traders must assess risks and reduce them as much as possible through following certain guidelines and practicing patience. Another major mistake outlined by Schaeffer’s Investment Research Review is buying the cheapest options without fully understanding the factors that determine an options price. The extremely cheap options are the most likely to be worthless at the time of expiration.

Poor options selection is a common mistake when trading options. It’s important to take into account your risk tolerance as well as the expiration you select. Timing is everything when trading options, which leads to another mistake outlined by Schaeffer’s Investment Research Review. The experts stated that focusing on singular time frames is a common mistake made by options traders who are new to the game. Don’t get fixed solely on daily or monthly charts.

Finally, the team at Schaeffer’s Investment Research Review suggested being aware of the difference between the ask price and the bid price. They warned against trading illiquid options with wider spreads, which can lead to slippage over time.

Trading options can be extremely rewarding, but like all investments, it comes with risk. Avoid the mistakes outlined by Schaeffer’s Investment Research Review, and you could be on the path to doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling your investments.