Schaeffer’s Investment Research Says Spending Thirty Minutes a Day Doing This Could Improvement Investment Performance

Schaeffer's Investment Research

September 28, 2021

Schaeffer's Investment Research Says Spending Thirty Minutes a Day

Schaeffer’s Investment Research Says Spending Thirty Minutes a Day Doing This Could Improvement Investment Performance

A bit of effort each day may improve your investment performance. Schaeffer’s Investment Research details how.

Did you know that many professional investors fail to beat markets? This means that stock market indexes, like the DJIA, enjoy better growth than the investor’s own portfolio. Investing is hard, but the experts at Schaeffer’s Investment Research are going to provide some vital insights for potentially improving your performance.

“When it comes to investing, the more you know, the better the position you are in,” a spokesperson from Schaeffer’s Investment Research argues. “Investors should spend at least 30 minutes a day brushing up on current market conditions and potential events that could impact markets.”

Markets move quickly and yesterday’s knowledge may be out of date. It’s smart to skim news websites each day and then read the stories that might have the biggest impact on markets. Finance-oriented news sources, like the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times, offer a great place to start.

Many developments can have a huge impact on markets even if they don’t initially seem economic in nature. Take the COVID-19 pandemic. While primarily a health crisis, the pandemic had a huge impact on the world economy and thus markets.

From an investor’s point of view, government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic were just as important as the pandemic itself (at least as far as markets are concerned). Government actions to shut down borders and travel had a huge, largely detrimental impact on airlines and the hospitality industry, for example.

On the flip side, relaxed monetary policies, stimulus packages, bailouts, and other actions to protect the economy helped bolster the economy and markets. Many investors would benefit from staying on top of government policies.

“Big events can be difficult to understand, but if you spend time each day learning about them, you may start to get a better grasp on markets,” a spokesperson for Schaeffer’s says.

Of course, staying on top of events is easier said than done. Some financial firms and analysis websites offer useful newsletters that provide summaries of various events that could impact markets. It’s smart to find newsletters that are relevant to your investments.

Why Schaeffer’s Investment Research Offers Real-Time Options Alerts

The experts at Schaeffer’s Investment Research don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. One of the most popular services offered by their research team is their real-time options alerts. These alerts provide timely insights into various things that could impact options prices.

“Options can be impacted very quickly by developments,” a spokesperson for Schaeffer’s Investment Research points out. “Many investors use options to protect their investments as a form of insurance. As such, options prices are often among the quickest assets to respond to market changes.”

By signing up for real-time options alerts and other timely indicators, investors can get a better feel for the market. This, in turn, will allow them to make knowledge and data-informed decisions.